The Events room is free to anyone who is offering a health class. Be it fitness,
dance, yoga, CPR, kids class.

You are required to carry liability insurance with a minimum  of one million coverage
We recommend Bethany at GSM. She knows what policy you will need.

GSM Insurors
205 N Harrison St.
Alpine, Texas 79830
Phone: (432) 837-7419

We don't allow Political or Religious events or private parties at this time.

To schedule a class you must fill out the form, a short write up of who, what, what times, and any needs.
The room is available based on our approval.

See our Calendar to see what is going on and times that are available.

The room is heated and cooled to a certain level.

It is only available when Blue Water employees are on premises 7:30am to 10pm every day.
You must be out by 10pm so the employees can close the store.

The DVD player with projector is available.

Stage and lighting.

The outside patio is available with the room.

You and the clients can't use the prime parking spaces directly in front of the store. Those are reserved
for store customers.

Since the use of the room is free you are required to clean up any messes and also mop the floor once
a week.
You'll need to schedule the moping with the other instructors so your not mopping on the same day. We
have a mop for you to use.
Please be sure to sweep the room after you use it. Also be sure to sweep it before you use it just in
case the person who used it before didn't do it.

All kids have to be supervised, no exceptions on this. They can't climb on the globe tower outside or run
loose in the store.

The kitchen is off limits to everybody but kitchen staff and instructors and only for you to turn on/off the
lights and to get mop water. This is for safety reasons. There is no other reason for anybody to be in the
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